Best Washing Machines under Rs 10000 in India 2019

Thinking about buying a new washing machine below Rs 10000 then you are at right spot. Here we picked some of top semi automatic washing machines that you can purchase under 10K INR. In India there are many top load washing machine available in the market and it becomes really difficult to select the best one.

A good washing machine comes loaded with all essential features including different wash modes, compact control panel, Rust proof PP body and Base, Wheel support, Buzzer and Wash Timer. Some of them even have Smart Power Saving function. For more smart features like Front load, Digital Display, Wifi then consider checking our article on washing machine under Rs 15000.

Top brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Godrej, Panasonic and Intex are known to manufacture mid range washing machines for home use. If you have a budget of 10000 then you can pick any one of these. These washing machines are popular because it can be used to wash different cloth fabrics.

7 Best Washing Machines to Buy under Rs 10000

1. Samsung WT657QPNDPGXTL 02

Price: Rs 9999

Capacity: 6.5 KG | Type: Semi Automatic Top Load | Motor Speed: 1400 RPM |

Power Consumption: 350 Watt | Weight: 24.5 KG


  • It has Powerful Air Turbo Drying System, It helps in extracting water from cloths and dry them faster.
  • Comes with EZ Wash Tray which helps you to wash cloths easily.
  • It has 2 wheels and inner handle to move around easily.
  • Rust, Corrode and Environment proof. This washing machines has good durability.
  • Samsung’s Double Storm System for tangle or twisted free washing.
  • Comes packed with additional features like Air Turbo Drying System, Lint Filter and Buzzer.

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2. Whirlpool Ace 7.0 Supreme Plus

Price: Rs 9999

Capacity: 7 KG | Type: Semi Automatic Top Load | Motor Speed: 1400 RPM |

Power Consumption: 340 Watt | Weight: 28 KG


  • It has In-built Scrubber which helps in washing soiled cloths.
  • Comes with Multi-utility Tray.
  • Impeller Washing Method with 3 different wash programs.
  • It has Rust proof Plastic Tub which has very high durability.
  • Comes with Fabric Type and Dirt Level Selector.

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Price: Rs 8999

Capacity: 8.5 KG | Type: Semi Automatic Top Load | Motor Speed: 1350 RPM |

Power Consumption: 520 Watt | Weight: 28.5 KG


  • It has Jumbo Pulsator which is powerful and clear all kind of fabric efficiently.
  • This washing machine has Air Dry System which works by drawing air from the room, heats it and blows it through the cloths. It contributes in faster drying of any kind of cloth.
  • Includes other functions like Multiple Wash Programs and Wash complete buzzer.

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4. LG P7550R3FA

Price: Rs 9489

Capacity: 6.5 KG | Type: Semi Automatic Top Load | Motor Speed: 1000 RPM |

Power Consumption: 360 Watt | Weight: 34 KG


  • Function Type is Semi Automatic.
  • Rat away technology to protect washing machines from rats. It uses 3 mm strong plastic cover with rat repellent chemical.
  • Buzzer system which alerts when wash cycle get complete.
  • Easy to use Controls and spinner is silent.

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5. Intex WMS62TL

Price: Rs 7299

Capacity: 6.2 KG | Type: Semi Automatic Top Load | Motor Speed: 1320 RPM |

Power Consumption: 340 Watt | Weight: 19 KG


  • High speed spin speed which is 1320 rounds per minutes, It helps in quick drying of cloths.
  • It has Polypropylene Tub which is rust proof.
  • 125 Watt powerful spin motor.
  • Heavy and Regular wash program with 15 minutes wash cycle duration and 5 minutes spin cycle duration.
  • Other body specification includes ABS Control Panel, PP Base, Water Lnlet Selector, Wash Lid/Spin Lid and PP Cabinet.

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6. Godrej GWS 6203 PPD

Price: Rs 8590

Capacity: 6.2 KG | Type: Semi Automatic Top Load | Motor Speed: 700 RPM |

Power Consumption: 350 Watt | Weight: 19.6 KG


  • This Godrej washing machine has Tri-Roto Scrub pulsator.
  • It has transparent Lids, Lint collector and Buzzer.

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7. Panasonic NA-W65B2RRB

Price: Rs 8799

Capacity: 6.5 KG | Type: Semi Automatic Top Load | Motor Speed: 800 RPM |

Power Consumption: 400 Watt | Weight: 32 KG


  • It has Double Action Pulsator for proper washing of the cloths.
  • This has maximum spin speed of 800 rpm.
  • Comes with Chrome Knobs and Anti-Rust Body.
  • It has Transparent Window Display and Plastic Tub Material.
  • This is the highly durable Top Load washing machine from Panasonic.

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Final Words

I shared the list of best selling washing machines under 10k in India. You can pick any one of them because its hard to say that one is bad. All comes from the home of great brands. If you want an entry level washing machine then check our list of cheapest washing machines.

If you still have any doubt then feel free to comment down below.


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