Best Soundbar Speakers Under Rs. 5000 In India (Updated 2019)

Which is the best soundbar under Rs 5000?

We all know that soundbar improves the overall listening experience. There are many reasons you may need to buy a new soundbar speaker. Most of the time people buy soundbar for TV because inbuilt speakers of the Television is not up to the mark.

Now a days popularity of soundbar is increasing in India. At budget of 5000 rupees you can get an excellent soundbar speaker system. Most of these soundbar contains multiple speaker drivers which has good frequency response.

So without wasting any further time lets check out the best sounding soundbars at 5000 INR.

Top Rated Soundbars Under Rs. 5000 in India 2019

Here’s the list of best soundbar under 5000 INR

Soundbar Under Rs. 5000PriceDeals
Mi SoundbarRs. 4999Check on Amazon
F&D T180X 2.0 TV SoundbarRs. 4999Check on Amazon
Instaplay INSTA500BTRs. 4490Check on Amazon
Portronics Sound Slick II POR-936Rs. 3699Check on Amazon
Philips HTL1041Rs. 4999Check on Flipkart
Iball Sound Bar BT10Rs. 3095Check on Amazon

1. Mi Soundbar

Mi Bluetooth soundbar comes with 8 speaker driver that is loud and good for music playback.

It has Bluetooth 4.2 so that you can pair the soundbar with your smartphone and play songs.

Speaker driver has wide frequency response from 50 Hz to 25000 Hz. Sound output is clean with decent bass and crisp treble.

It supports on table top installation and wall mount as well. Wall mount is good when you prefer using this soundbar with your tv.

Price: Rs 4999

Buy From: Amazon | Flipkart

2. F&D T180X 2.0 TV Soundbar

F&D T180X has dual 3 inch full range driver and 1 inch tweeter. It’s a 2.0 channel soundbar which produces stereo sound output.

Total power output of this soundbar is 40 Watt RMS which is powerful enough to fill your room with rich sound.

It has good design and at front speaker is protected by cloth grill. It is made up of plastic and black color look premium.

Remote allows you to change track, increase or decrease volume level etc.

Price: Rs 4999

Buy From: Amazon | Flipkart

3. Instaplay INSTA500BT

Instaplay INSTA500BT produces 60 Watt powerful sound. It’s a 4.0 channel wireless soundbar with remote.

3.5mm aux connectivity makes this soundbar compatible with any device, it includes mobile, laptop, TV etc.

Surround sound effect from this soundbar is acceptable, you will definitely get good sound experience while watching movies.

It comes with optical input for clear and enhanced sound.

It has 4 present equalizer modes to adjust sound according to your need.

Price: Rs 4490

Buy From: Amazon

4. Portronics Sound Slick II POR-936

Portronics Sound Slick II is a feature rich soundbar. It offers 40W of powerful stereo sound that makes you truly feel the music.

It’s compact and easy to carry. Weight of the soundbar is 1.8 Kg which is slightly on heavy side.

At very low price of just 3699 rupees it comes with a easy to operate remote. That remote gives you ability to change volume, change mode, 3D sound etc.

Price: Rs 3699

Buy From: Amazon | Flipkart

5. Philips HTL1041

Philips HTL1041 is a 2.1 configuration soundbar, it comes with a external subwoofer speaker for low frequencies.

The speaker drivers of this soundbar home theater has 4 ohms impedance and frequency response is 150 Hz to 15000 Hz.

Power output from active subwoofer is 18 W RMS. At very low price this soundbar produces punchy bass.

It comes with additional features like FM, USB 2.0, Rich Bass, Remote Control Support, Aux Input etc.

Price: Rs 4999

Buy From: Amazon | Flipkart

6. Iball Sound Bar BT10

Iball Sound Bar BT10 is a entry level soundbar with basic features. Total peak output from this speaker is 80W.

It has 2.5″ speaker drivers which has wide frequency response. There is no distortion at high volume, sound is clean and cinematic.

On the side it has control buttons that allows you to change mode, play/pause, Volume Up/Down.

It takes input from BT, USB and AUX.

Price: Rs 3095

Buy From: Amazon | Flipkart


If you still have any doubt related to top rated soundbar speaker under 5000 then comment down below.


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