Best Blood Pressure Monitors in India (Review & Buying Guide) 2019

Nowadays people take more care about their health. There are many healthcare products in the market. BP Monitors are one of the most popular device in the market. As the rate of heart disease is increasing and it’s getting very crucial to monitor your blood pressure.

In India there are many BP machines and it becomes very difficult to buy the right one. I have picked some of the best BP monitor devices, Most of them are under Rs 1000 price segment. So without wasting any further time lets see the list.

Here’s The List Of 5 Best Blood Pressure Monitors In India

1. Omron HEM 7270

The Omron HEM 7270 is currently the most accurate pulse and BP monitor available in India. It has iF Award Winning style and excellent design. Omron is doctor and pharmacist recommended brand therefore you can trust this product. It’s made with Japanese technology so you can receive quick and accurate BP report.


  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Large 22-42 cm cuff with wrapping guide
  • Device can store upto 60 measurements
  • IntelliSenSe Technology for accurate readings
  • Easy to use and simple design

Overall its a good BP device to track your heart health and save your measurements with date and time. If you are looking for compact yet best BP machine then go with this OMRON blood pressure monitor.

Pros Cons
Hypertension Indicator
Fully automatic
Excellent Accuracy

Price: Rs 3299

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2. HealthSense Heart-Mate BP 120

This HealthSense BP machine uses traditional oscillometric technology and pressure sensors to provide true readings. It’s cost effective and recommended for daily home use.


  • Dual user memory that can store 120 readings for each user
  • Display shows systolic, diastolic, pulse, date & time
  • Silicon feet for better comfort and grip
  • Works with any 6 volt adapter i.e., smartphone charger, power bank, laptop etc
  • Error and low battery indicator
  • Irregular heartbeat and optimal to hypertension detection

Buy this if you are looking for a budget bp monitor for home use. It’s recommended to anyone who has BP ranging from low, moderate to high so you can prevent any emergency situations.

Pros Cons
Digital Display B&W LCD
Works on Battery
WHO compliance
1 Year Warranty

Price: Rs 999

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3. Dr Trust A-One Max Connect

The Dr Trust A-One Max Connect is most feature rich blood pressure monitor with Bluetooth that you can purchase in India. Bluetooth functionality allows you to connect this device to your smartphone and store readings, You can even share your BP report via Gmail. It has LCD display which changes color according to patients BP. Dr Trust provides free thermometer with this product.


  • Talking feature which is good for those who have weak eyesight. It talks in Hindi and English for easy understanding
  • Store unlimited records so you don’t need to worry about past BP records which is good for future analysis
  • Set reminder so that you never miss a reading in future
  • It’s uses 4 AAA size battery to power itself, You can also use Micro USB
  • It’s approved by FDA therefore you can trust its BP and Heart Rate measurements

As we know that Dr Trust is a trusted medical brand and the readings taken from this machine is reliable and accurate. It’s handy, light weigh and loaded with features. You can send your BP results to doctor for diagnosis which is very helpful. Official Dr Trust App unlocks other smart features like graphical representation of the result. Overall a good device to prevent heart stroke.

Pros Cons
Built Quality Rubber Tube Length
Fuzzy Algorithm
Dr Trust App
Unmatched Accuracy

Price: Rs 1472

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4. Omron HEM 7120

Omron HEM 7120 is a top selling and most popular automatic bp monitor. It has more than 6000 positive review on amazon. You can keep track of irregular heartbeat and blood pressure level using this device. It has IntelliSense system for controlled inflation, It can detect any pressure change.


  • Accurate BP readings with Maximum +/- 5 fluctuation which is good for medical reference
  • Last reading memory allows you to access previous BP results
  • Omron Connect app to save and visualize reading for better understanding of situation

Like any other BP device it also works on Oscillometric principle for good results. Best thing about this BP machine is its portable and easy to use. The text on display is large so that elder people can easily read the results.

Pros Cons
One Touch Operation Medium Cuff (22 to 32 cm)
Start/Stop Button Soft Plastic
Extended Warranty
Monitor Pulse/Min

Price: Rs 1599

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5. Newnik SP501

Newnik SP501 is FDA approved Aneroid Sphygmomanometer which is ideal for professional use. It’s mostly used by doctors because of its highly accurate results. In market its the most preferred dependable blood pressure measurement device. If you want a manual BP machine and all you care about accuracy then consider buying this product.


  • Air Inflation bulb is made up of latex free PVC which is crack resistant and high density
  • The gauge is certified 300 mmHG non-stop manometer
  • Moisture and chemical resistant cuff, Size is enough to fit most of the Arms

It’s a good ISO CE approved BP machine therefore it meets the international reliability and accuracy. It comes with free Stethoscope which you can use at the time of measurement.

Price: Rs 730

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All the listed BP monitors are approved for home and medical use. You can buy one if your loved one if suffering from any blood pressure related issue. By using these blood pressure monitors you can prevent many serious complications. The normal BP of human body is 120/80 mmHg, If you notice anything higher than this then it means you have high blood pressure. These are compact and automatic machines to check your current BP level.

How to use BP Monitor at Home

  1. Insert the plug into the air jack safely, make sure its locked perfectly
  2. Put your arm through the cuff loop
  3. Close the fabric fastener
  4. Now start the machine
  5. Wait for the results
  6. Done

Now on display you can see the blood pressure, pulse rate etc depending on your device.

Tips for Accurate Blood Pressure Readings

  • Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor
  • Sit upright with your back straight
  • The arm cuff should be at the same level as your heart
  • Always use arm for reading
  • Your body must be relaxed
  • Don’t take reading right after Bathing, Alcohol, Smoking, Exercise and Eating, Wait at-least 1 Hour.

If you still have any doubt then comment down below.


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